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Our Mission

CARRRE - Collective Action for Readiness, Recovery, and Resilience.

CARRRE combines the resources and talents of internationally-based Turkish architects, urban planners, engineers, and academics to collaborate with similarly situated local professionals, businesses, community organizations, municipalities, and builders on the ground in Turkey and Syria.

Panel IV

Turkey and Syria after the Earthquakes
Panel 4: Long-Term Recovery (2): Building Back Better

October 21, 2023 — New York & Istanbul
10:00 AM EST | 17:00 GMT+3

"Turkey and Syria After the Earthquakes” is a series of four panel discussions curated by Collective Action for Readiness, Recovery, and Resilience (CARRRE), a collective of US-based Turkish-American architects and academics. CARRRE aims to amplify awareness among a global audience regarding the catastrophic repercussions of these earthquakes, and to provide agency to architects, planners, engineers, municipalities, and builders on the ground by assisting with local relief efforts, sharing professional expertise, and aiding in the development of long-term rebuilding strategies. These panels aim to provide an international platform for learning, debate, and actionable projects.

“Long-Term Recovery (2): Building Back Better” is the fourth panel in CARRRE’s four-part series. This panel will examine the challenges and opportunities that arise in connection with the long-term, large-scale planning initiatives and resilient rebuilding of cities and communities in post-earthquake areas. The speakers will address conventional post-disaster planning strategies and building techniques, rapid damage assessment tools developed through AI, and focus on alternative approaches developed for Turkey and other countries.


Four hybrid educational panels are being presented simultaneously at the Center for Architecture (AIANY) and at Salt Beyoglu in Istanbul. We will also be collaborating with Columbia Global Centers | Istanbul.

The hybrid panels took place on July 22, July 29, and September 30. The fourth panel will take place on October 21.

Our team

Following the earthquakes in Turkey and Syria on February 6, 2023, CARRRE (Collective Action for Readiness, Recovery, and Resilience), a group of internationally-based Turkish architects, created a platform to deliver a course of educational panels addressing rebuilding after the earthquakes.

Koray Duman
Büro Koray Duman Architects
Ali C. Höcek
AC Höcek Architecture
Ferda Kolatan
SU11 Architecture + Design
Inanc Eray
Kutan Ayata
Nizam Kizilsencer
Design Innovations for Architecture
Tahir Demircioğlu


Gamze Kahya
Rafael Viñoly Architects
Kerim Eken
Eken Design
Cynthia Corsiglia
AC Höcek Architecture
Marianne de Zeeuw
Donna Walcavage
Landscape Architect, Principal, Stantec
Advisor at CARRRE

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